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  • Are you helping with posing?
    Yes, I do. I don’t usually work with models or those who do photoshoots too often. A lot of my clients are firstcommers and shy at first. I create the most comfortable atmosphere for my clients, directing them, and make laugh, dance and run to create the most beautiful photos.
  • Can we arrange session in a studio?
    Yes, absolutely! I love to work in studios. And have a list of coziest studios in Toronto, in case if you need it. Hit the link below to see my favourites.
  • I don't like my hair/skin/cellulite. Can you photoshop it?
    According to contract I DO NOT photoshop/heavy retouch photos. My editing is limited to light/color correction and cropping images. If you have unexpected acne on your face - I can help you with that. But other than that - I cannot.
  • What should I wear to the session?
    Try to avoid prints and choose comfortable outfits that let you move freely.:) For more outfit ideas please follow the link:
  • Is studio included in the price of the session?
    Unfortunately no. Neither do I book the studio for my clients. The only exception - mini sessions. In that case - studio rent is included in the price of the session.
  • Can you help find the right studio?
    Absolutely! Here's the list of studios that I've worked with and I absolutely loved to work with! /HERE'S THE LINK/
  • What is the requirements for booking?
    To book a session with me and secure your slot I require to read and sign the contract, and make a 50% prepayment.
  • Are you doing newborn sessions?
  • How many photos of 1 hour photoshoot will I get?
    From full-time session (1 hour) you will receive 75 high resolution edited photos via online gallery.
  • Are you flexible with locations?
    For the full time sessions - yes, I am flexible with locations. Please note, that for destinations over 40 km one way from Union Station Toronto, travel fees apply. I charge $1 per every additional km. For mini sessions - location is non-negotiable.
  • Can I get a discount?
    My prices are non-negotiable. Although you can have $50 discount for the second session by leaving me a review on Google. LEAVE A REVIEW
  • Can we have a photoshoot not during sunrise/sunset?
    For outdoor sessions during daylight - I highly recommend these slots for the best light and result. But if you want a session inside (your home, studio, etc), or after dark - we surely can arrange the session any other time.
  • What happens if it rains?
    If weather is not cooperative - we reschedule to any other available spot.
  • Can I get unedited/raw photos?
    Unfortunately I do not give unedited photos. No exceptions.
  • Can we cancel or postpone our session?
    For the full time session - in case of emergency we can reschedule your session to the next available spot within 3 month of original booking. Please note that you have only 1 reschedule. If for any reason client wants to cancel the session - first payment is non-refundable. For the mini sessions - all sales are final. No refunds and rescheduling at any circumstances.
  • Can I have my photos less grainy?
    According to a contract I edit the photos in my style, and I will choose the amount of grain in photos. I do not compromise my style in any circumstances.
  • Should we have professional make up?
    It's totally up to you. You can if you want it.
  • Do you provide make up artist?
    I do not provide make up artist, nor can I book or choose one for you. Although I have a list of artists I previously worked with and would be happy to recommend them for you. Please DM me for recommendations.
  • Do you shoot couples only?
    I work with a lot of variety of people - families, couples, solo, branding shoot. Whatever works best for you.
  • When my photos will be delivered?
    For the most types of sessions - it takes up to 4 weeks after the session to edit and deliver your gallery. Although I have Express delivery option. Your gallery will be delivered in 48 hours after the session. Please dm me to check the price. For Weddings - it takes up to 3 months.
  • For how long will I have access to my gallery?
    You will have access to your gallery 90 days from the day it was delivered. To get the access to your gallery after 90 days will be subject to additional fees.
  • How photos will be delivered? (Will I get my photo printed or on hard drive?)
    I deliver photos through online gallery. You will get an email with link to access it. You will have 90 days to save the gallery. For the printed photos and gallery on flash drive please dm me.
  • What if I don’t want B&W photos?
    I deliver both - colour and b&w photos via online gallery. In the gallery you have an option to download individual photos.
  • Do you work TFP?
  • Can I have half time photo session for the half price?
    My prices and packages are non-negotiable. I do not offer smaller packages with less photos for smaller price. Although once in a while I do mini-sessions. In that case the location and date is not negotiable.
  • Do you count time of photoshoot when you taking pictures, and not counting when we changing our outfits, preparing for the shot etc?
    I count all the time spent on the photoshoot. For example - if full-time photoshoot started at 12pm it's ending at 1pm. No matter how much time client spent on changing outfits, taking breaks or feeding babies. In particular cases I can do exception by extending the session for 30 min to get all the shots we need. Please note that session is starting at time even if client late or unprepared. So, please come to the location at least 15 min to be prepared.
  • What if I’m late for the photoshoot?
    The photoshoot will start at the time agreed even if client will be late. So I encourage to plan your trip and arrive at least 15 min before the session. Being late for the session will leave us less time to take photos, which will lead to less photos.
  • How many outfits can I bring to a session?
    For a full-time session you can bring as many outfit as you can change within 1 hour (usually it's 2-3 outfits that you can quickly change).
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