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10 cinematic presets with nostalgia vibe (5  colour & 5 B&W) for Lightroom PC.


How to install? This is how I add presets to Lightroom: open Lightroom - Lightroom Classic - Preferences - Presets - Show Lightroom Develop presets - User Presets - move the presets to his folder. Restart Lightroom app, presets will be automatically placed into the User presets folder

No refunds. Unfortunately. This is a downloadable product - all sales are final.

Please remember - when you apply a preset, it might not give you a finished look of your image. It's very important to work on some settings like Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Saturation, Shadows and Grain. Keep in mind that only using RAW format you will get a good colour and easily change the settings without loosing the image quality.

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